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Stray Dog Saddles

Reined Cow Horses
Jake Gorrell
I am sold 100% on Stray Dog saddles.

Not only do these saddles feel better, and ride better, they are priced right.

I have been using Joey Jemison saddles for the last 8 years and wouldn’t ride anything but them. Then I was sent a stray dog saddle in early 2010. Since then, it’s the first saddle that I put on every day. I’m not a salesman by any means, but I have sold almost 20 saddles to people who have tried mine and loved them. They are the real deal and I now own four for myself and will keep buying them.

The Cow Horse 303 with the full skirt and the in-skirt riggin is my favorite. It has a smaller D-ring which gives you more adjustment on your cinch for these smaller horses. The in-skirt riggin takes the bulk or width out from under your legs, putting you that much closer to your horse. Also, it allows your stirrup leathers to swing smoother and gives you more movement in your legs. It really is amazing how much more you can feel your horse. I cut, rein and go down the fence in this saddle.

To rope in, I have a Stray Dog Ranch Cutter. It has a 15 inch seat and is just great. I have had four of them. When anyone comes over to rope, they get in it and buy it. I have sold 3 of these as rope saddles and Joe Willoughby bought his to start colts and ride outside with. They are very versatile because they are basically rope saddles that ride narrower and the stirrups move like a Cow Horse or Cutting Saddle.

Not only do these saddles feel better, and ride better, but they are priced right. Until now, the cheapest saddle that I purchased and actually liked was $3,400 used. I’ve tried all the other Cow Horse Saddles and Cutters that were reasonably priced and didn’t like one of them. Both types of Cow Horse saddles that I ride today cost $2,150 and the ranch cutter, or my rope saddles, costs $1,950. I now feel I can buy enough saddles to train and show in and have a uniform set without going into debt. It’s even better to have a set of work saddles and a set of show saddles that feel the same.

Cutter/Reined Cow Combo-rope border, in-skirt rigging, square skirts & natural finish

Sizes 14" thru 17" Matching Breast Collars can be orders.
Trophy fenders at no extra charge.

Order from saddles in stock for immediate delivery or have one made with your choice of tooling patterns.

Stray Dog Saddles
Cow Horse Saddles

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"My clients who have ridden
my Stray Dog Saddles are so
impressed, they’re selling
their used saddles to buy a Stray Dog saddle..."

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